New vs. Resale

Owning your own home is a great success story and no doubt your most important investment!
Should you a buy new or resale home? Here are a few things to consider before purchasing a home.

The New Home purchase experience is like no other. Getting the keys, walking through that front door for the first time, your the first one to sit on the potty! The home comes with warranties you can count on and the latest technology.
New Home Purchase vs. Foreclosures/Short Sales

New Home Foreclosure/Short Sale
Full Warranty No Warranty/AS IS/ No Disclosures
Costs of Building Known Not Disclosed, need to guess what is what
Clear Title Sometimes Potential Liens
Never Lived In You may not want to know
Your Taste in D√©cor Someone Else’s Taste
Healthy and Clean Bugs, Potential Mold & What Else?
Greater Energy Efficiency Maybe
Latest Technologies & Materials Not necessarily
Choice of Community and Lot Limited Selection
Reputable Builder Unknown Seller

What are Foreclosures and Short Sales?
A short sale is in pre-foreclosure and the bank has given the owner a limited amount of time to sell the house before repossessing it, which means complicated and lengthy negotiations for you with both the owners and the bank. A foreclosed home is being sold by the bank and they have had an evaluation done to price the home. When you look at buying a new home, a new home consultant will guide you through the process from picking your own model to the features you want in the home and they will continue with you through the building and inspections.

The Best Deal
Foreclosures and Short Sales may look like good deals, but buyers beware, sometimes there are hidden repairs that need to be done and some cleaning and paint may hide defects you later have to fix. A new home gives one peace of mind with the warranty and reduces you worries so you can relax and enjoy your new home.