The Program

What is the New Home Buyer’s Program?
The New Home Buyers Program, NHBP, was designed for people who want to purchase a new builder home and need to take their existing residence out of the equation, need closing costs or want upgrades.

1.  If you’re buying a new home from a builder, and you currently rent an apartment or house, we may be able to help you get qualified to buy the new home by helping you eliminate your current lease.

2. If you are looking to buy a builder home, you may qualify for one of the NHBP grants. These grants were created to assist people  who are purchasing a builder home. If approved, you will receive the grant at or after the closing of your new home. You may be able to use the funds for  closing costs, upgrades, paying off bills and more. It’s easy, you can apply over the phone, and during the  initial call we will let you know if you qualify.
Get started by using the customer agreement in the sidebar to the right.  Call us with any questions 800-970-0977.